We have many goals here at Switzerland Local Schools, and one of them is to ensure our students have the most up-to-date and innovative opportunities to explore their interests. That’s why we have taken special care to begin two new construction projects, which will do just that. 

The first project is being completed at Swiss Hills Career Center. Currently, the construction team is finishing up turning the former agriculture industrial power lab into an “innovation lab.” This new lab will house state of the art manufacturing robotics equipment that our students and local businesses will have accessible to them. The four classrooms next to the lab are also being renovated to have glass sliding doors that can open up to a larger room or classroom for usage. This lab and classrooms will be available for secondary and adult education. 

The innovation lab is almost completed, waiting on a few finishing touches. The glass classrooms are looking to be finished this summer, COVID-19 permitting. 

The second project is the River High School field house. The field house was initially built in 1968, with additions put on in the mid-80s. The house is being renovated into a two-story structure featuring not only athletic spaces, but spaces that can double as educational classrooms. 

Mark Romick, head of the construction projects, says, “This gives us the opportunity to add some courses we previously have been unable to offer, like a class in exercise physiology or physical condition. We’re taking a field house and turning it into a building that benefits all of our students, in addition to our athletes.” 

The field house is currently in demolition mode, initially projected to be finished around the second week of August. With COVID-19, that date is up in the air. 

Mr. Romick adds, “Our school board and administration is trying to stay ahead of the curve to give our students ample opportunity that will move them right into jobs in the future.”