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Manufacturing Students Shadow at Micro Machine Works

Posted on: March 13, 2020
Tags: Career development, Swiss hills career center

On March 3, three manufacturing students were invited to “job shadow” at Micro Machine Works in Barlow, Ohio. Micro Machine Works is a full-service contract machine shop, known for their unique engineering/manufacturing designs. Per their website, they have been providing high quality, precision, machined components and assemblies to their customers around the globe for nearly two decades. Micro Machine Works creates products with the goal of making it easy and efficient to manufacture for NASA, the military, and global companies. 

The job shadow was hosted by Linn Yost, CEO and owner of Micro Machines and founding member of Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition, which is a manufacturing sector partnership serving Southeast Ohio. 

The three students who shadowed were able to see many machines in process: the computer numerical control (CNC), which is an automated control of a machine or tool by way computer; cutters, or cutting tools; and routers, which show the production flow. They also sat through a class that discussed designing process layouts, or schematics, and how to print that product. The students have opportunities for potential internships during the summer.