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Photojournalism Class Creates School Newsletter

Posted on: March 13, 2020
Tags: Extracurriculars, Monroe central high school

Under the direction of Miss Ruble, photojournalism students have created a newsletter for the school and staff of Monroe Central. Students meet for a round table discussion to talk about what is happening in the school, careful to look at all perspectives – this includes, sports, class projects, music, and other activities. They then categorize the chosen topics into what they call “Big News,” or important articles they wish to feature, and other “fun” articles. 

One of the class’s goals is to discover and write articles that their classmates would want to read about. February’s newsletter included articles on the impact of Valentine’s Day, the logistics of Leap Year, words that inspire their teachers, updates on sports, the musical, and senior memories – that’s a broad range of topics! 

If you can get your hands on one, give it a read! We’re thinking about hiring a few of them to write this newsletter…