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Redskin Ready Grant Helps Students

Posted on: March 13, 2020
Tags: Fine arts, Woodsfield elementary

Woodsfield Elementary was recently awarded a 21st Century grant where 78 K-8 students are invited to stay after school for a special program of study, STEM, and the arts. 

Students start by working on programs that are used throughout the normal school day, like Reflex Math, Symphony Math, Lexia Core 5, and IXL. Students also get small group instruction to assist them with interventions and provide support as they complete homework. This helps them stay caught up in classes and build additional skills.

In addition to program and homework help, students participate in activities that include STEAM (Science-Technology-English-Art-Math) concepts. They begin by learning basic coding skills that will help them navigate the world today. They also get to focus on the arts: around Thanksgiving, families came in and created wreaths; renowned author Anna Egan Smucker visited and read her story No Star Nights and talked to the students about being an author; and we have partnerships with the Monroe County Arts Council, Ohio State University Extension Office, and local artists to provide engaging and enriching activities every week. 

The grant also provides funding to compensate the staff for their time and to transport students home after the program concludes.