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WSCC alignment to Swiss Hills CTE courses

Posted on: April 16, 2021
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As you know, the Washington State Community College (WSCC) and SOLSD have been working to offer college credit courses for our students that will allow them to save thousands of dollars when they go off to college. SHCC now has a couple of classes whose curriculum has been finalized and teachers credentialed so that students will have the opportunity to take these courses and receive additional credit to be applied to college, if they choose to attend. Course, course descriptions, and transfer credits at WSCC are listed below. 


Swiss Hills Program of Study

WSCC Course



ROBT 1500

The history and evolution of robotics. The classification and characteristics of robots, robotic applications, and safety protocols. Introduction to robotic programming. Prerequisite: None. Co-Requisite: None. Day: F. Lecture: 2, Lab: 2.

Engineering Design

DRFT 2530

In depth studies in engineering applications and drawing practices of geometric tolerancing, threads and fasteners, gears, electrical and welding symbology, wiring and PNID diagrams. Students apply designs through parametric design software to show the results professionally with computer models and working drawings. May be offered in a blended classroom/online format. Prerequisite: ENGR 1010. Co-Requisite: None. Day: Fa; Eve: Fa. Lecture: 1, Lab: 5. TAG: OET012

Hydraulics & Pneumatics 

MECH 1230

A comprehensive introduction to fluid power including both hydraulic and pneumatic. The course includes underlying theoretical concepts and mathematical equations; construction, selection, and function of components; operation and design of basic circuits; reading basic schematics. Prerequisite: None. Co-Requisite: None. Day: Sp; Eve: Sp. Lecture: 2, Lab: 3.