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Hybrid learning announcements

Posted on: November 13, 2020
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Students and staff are reminded that the hybrid learning model for next week will be a new format for all of us. Students are reminded that the remote days are regular school days and they will need to engage with their teachers and do their classwork even on days they are not physically in the building. Attendance will be taken and all assignments must be completed according to the due dates set forth by their teachers. Please email your teachers if you have questions or concerns about their classes. 

Students in CCP classes need to reach out to their teachers, as well. College courses will continue on and those classes will meet at their regularly scheduled time for all four in-person days. 

You will continue to receive updates through All Calls as the situation is subject to change from week to week. Please be safe and remember, your teachers are here for you if you need help; you will need to communicate with them on a regular basis for things to run smoothly. You are responsible for your own learning, and attendance and communication are the keys to make that happen.



Joe Semple, Principal