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Construction Technology students work in masonry brick and block

Posted on: November 13, 2020
Mr. Rick Isaly

Mr. Rick Isaly

Construction Technology students have many learning opportunities within the field of construction here at Swiss Hills Career Center; one of these skills involves a form of masonry construction that utilizes bricks and blocks. The Construction Technology Teacher for the masonry class is Mr. Rick Isaly. 

These courses in construction focus on the technical aspects of masonry with emphasis on developing introductory skills in laying brick and block. Students learn the physical attributes of masonry materials and the tools required in masonry construction, including the principles necessary to construct structures with a variety of brick and block materials. Safety is always emphasized first for handling materials and personal safety. 

Masonry work involves many tools for various purposes (e.g. handling of mortar, dressing stone, cutting bricks, and working with different types of soil). These tools are also known by their regional names depending upon local customs of the region. For example, spades are known as “phavadas” and mortar pan is known as “ghamela” in India. 

The most common tool is a flat triangular trowel used in bricklaying for cutting brick and spreading mortar or cement. The trowel is also used to tap bricks down onto the bed and can be used for random cutting of soft bricks. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on the task, like a brick hammer.

Masonry brick and block is a very popular type of construction; by having the opportunity to learn this form, students are building knowledge and skills that will give them a leg up in the construction industry upon graduation.